Health Benefits of Pineapple that will Surprise You

Pineapples are tropical fruit that are rich in nutrients, enzymes and antioxidents.
Health benefits of pineapple may assist in boosting the immune device, construct robust bones and useful resource indigestion. also, regardless of their sweetness, pineapples are low in energy.

Pineapples are individuals of the bromeliad circle of relatives, and one of the few bromeliads to produce fit to be eaten fruit, according to the biology department at Union County university.
The fruit is without a doubt made of many individual berries that fuse together round a principal middle. each pineapple scale is an individual berry.

Pineapples’ nutritional benefits are as fascinating as their anatomy. “Pineapples contain high amounts of vitamin C and manganese,” said San Diego-based nutritionist Laura Flores. These tropical treats are also a good way to get important dietary fiber and bromelain (an enzyme).

“As well as having high amounts of manganese, which is important for antioxidant defenses, pineapples also contain high amounts of thiamin, a B vitamin that is involved in energy production,” Flores said.

Health benefits of pineapple

For all its sweetness, one cup of pineapple chunks contains only 82 calories. Pineapples are also fat-free, cholesterol-free and low in sodium. Not surprisingly, they do contain sugar, with 16 grams per cup. Health benefits of pineapple

Pineapple nutrition facts

Here are the nutrition facts for raw pineapple, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which regulates food labeling through the National Labeling and Education Act:

Serving size: 1 cup chunks (165 g)
Amount per Serving (%DV*)
*Percent Daily Values (%DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Calories 82                                                         Calories from Fat 0

Amt per Serving                                                  %DV*

Total Fat 0g                                                           0%

Cholesterol 0mg                                                    0%

Sodium 2mg                                                          0%

Potassium 120mg                                                  3%

Total Carbohydrate 15g                                        5%

Dietary Fiber 2g                                                    8%

Sugars 11g

Protein 1g

Vitamin A                                                              2%

Vitamin C                                                              131%

Calcium                                                                 2%

Iron                                                                        2%

Health benefits of pineapple

Pineapple benefits for skin

  • Keep Your Skin Hydrated & Radiant

Almost 87 percent of pineapple’s weight is water. Because of a large amount of water present in pineapple, it is a wonderful fruit for keeping our skin hydrated and radiant.

For using pineapple for hydration and radiance, mix three tablespoons of freshly crushed pineapple with an egg yolk and some milk. Apply it on your dry skin and wash off with fresh water, after few minutes. Health benefits of pineapple

  • Is A Wonderful Skin Exfoliator

Pineapple is a wonderful natural exfoliator as it helps in the removal of dead & dry skin cells from our body. To use pineapple as an exfoliating agent, crush some fresh pineapple wedges and use these for exfoliating your skin. This will not only help you in eliminating dead skin cells but will prevent your skin from getting dull by promoting the flow of blood in our skin cells.

  • Cures Chapped Lips

If you have chapped lips and you are looking for a simple way to get rid of chapped lips then look no further as pineapple is very effective in dealing with chapped lips. For this, make a mixture of pineapple juice and coconut oil and apply this mixture on your lips. Regular application will not only make your soft but will also provide proper nourishment to it.

  •  Provide Relief From Cracked Heels

The cracked lines on our feet not only destroys the beauty of our feet but they can sometimes be painful too. In worst cases, our cracked heels could be a home for the microbes like bacteria, fungus etc. and therefore it is important for us to take care of our feet.

Pineapple is very effective in the treatment of cracked heels because of its exfoliating nature. It can be used as a natural scrub on your feet for shedding off the dry and flaky skin of our feet, which leaves the way for our soft, smooth and radiant skin to come forward. Pineapple scrub not only heals cracked heels but also provide relief from the burning sensation and swelling caused by them. Health benefits of pineapple

  • Improve Nail Strength & Make Them Soft

Regular consumption of pineapple or tropical application of pineapple on our nails helps in making our nails soft and also helps in strengthening them because of the presence of vitamin A and vitamin B complex in them. Both these vitamins are essential for our nail health as deficiency of these vitamins can make our nails get dry and brittle and also increase their risk of getting split or crack. Health benefits of pineapple

  • Helps In Getting Rid of Acne

Acne is one of the major skin problem faced by millions all over the world. It is caused mainly by the blocking of skin pores by impurities like dirt, pollutants, excessive oil etc. and sometimes hereditary reasons and hormones are responsible for the cause of acne and various skin problems.

Pineapple is very beneficial in getting rid of acne caused by skin impurities because of the presence of antioxidants like vitamin C and an enzyme bromelain in it.
The antioxidants of pineapple fights with the free radicals of our body stabilize them and prevents them from doing damage to our body cells ( including skin cells).

In addition to this, anti-inflammatory properties of pineapple help in the treatment of other inflammatory skin conditions.
The presence of bromelain makes the healing faster as it boost the performance of vitamin C. Health benefits of pineapple

  • Make Your Skin Look Younger

Pineapple is very beneficial for our skin because of the presence of a good amount of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids in it.
The antioxidants present in apple not only stops free radicals from damaging our skin cells but also helps in improving the synthesis of collagen by our body.
Collagen is an essential protein that is required by our skin tissues as they help in keeping our skin firmer and flexible. Health benefits of pineapple

In addition to this, pineapple is also a good source of water which helps in keeping our skin soft and moisturized. Other nutrients also play an important role in making our skin healthy.

Because of this reason, regular consumption of pineapple either in the form of fruit or juice is very beneficial for our skin as it helps in keeping our skin firm, flexible and Younger. Additionally, you can apply freshly prepared pineapple juice on your face ( But make sure to avoid eye region) and then wash off with fresh water after ten minutes. Health benefits of pineapple

Health benefits of pineapple

Pineapple benefits for men

  • Mighty Manganese

Manganese is the first mineral of which pineapple contains valuable amounts.
Manganese functions in the human body to keep bones strong. Manganese assists in creating bone and connective tissue. 73% of the RDA of manganese can be obtained with simply one cup of pineapple.
Calcium is commonly known as the most important component of bone strength, made popular by “Got Milk?”; however, manganese in pineapple helps in absorption of the calcium thus creating a double effect of bone strength. Youth and elderly can benefit from this- growth and maintenance can dually be achieved. Health benefits of pineapple

  • No Pain Bromelain

The next essential agent that pineapple possesses is bromelain. Bromelain aids in managing pain, inflammation, swelling, discomfort, and other similar annoyances.
Pain that can be associated with surgery, arthritis, or other inflammation related causes can be controlled and contained more effectively with the healing power of bromelian packed pineapple- the healing fruit. Health benefits of pineapple

Benefits of eating pineapple for a woman

There are loads of benefits of eating pineapple, especially the benefits offering by pineapple to women are more precious. 
It consists of essential enzyme like Bromelain along with minerals like copper, magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorous and many vitamins.

Health benefits of pineapple

  • Your heart is about to be healthy

The cardiovascular health of your body will be maintained by the beta Carotene, anti-oxidants and Vitamin C present in pineapple.
Pineapple has the power to reduce the elevated blood pressure. It also takes care of your hypertension. All in all, pineapple has the power to protect your heart. Health benefits of pineapple

  • Reduces the pain caused due to Arthritis

Pineapple is rich in Bromelain, an enzyme that helps in many ways. Recent studies show how it has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. 
Women who suffer from the sorrows of Arthritis must add this miraculous product to their diet. When pineapple is consumed with turmeric, the results are much better. Bromelain also has healing properties. Health benefits of pineapple

  • Stronger and better bones

Studies show how bone health in women starts to deplete after the age of thirty-five. This is one of the major concern a woman faces. Pineapple has manganese in it, which helps to make the bones healthier and stronger. Osteoporosis will be a worry of the past, once you consume a glass of pineapple juice everyday.

  • Soft, supple and clear skin for the ladies

Vitamin C’s presence in Pineapple is the best remedy to treat the problems caused by acne. It is effective and doesn’t involve any chemicals. Apply the juice of pineapple on the acne. This will work as a toner and heal the problems caused by the bacterias of acne. Health benefits of pineapple

  • Prevents breast cancer

A special enzyme Bromelain present in the fresh pineapple juice stimulates the function of immune system.
It also reduces the risk of breast cancer in women, according to a research. Some researches also showed, consumption of pineapple cures the damage and burns caused by cancer treatments. 
In fact, it is well-documented that cancer treatments, along with bromelain, may help to reduce the effects of chemotherapy. Health benefits of pineapple

Health benefits of pineapple

  • Treats urinary tract problems

The minerals like copper, magnesium, calcium, potassium and phosphorous present in the pineapple are very essential for the health of women, they restricts the risk of cancers and birth defects.
Regular consumption of pineapple juice helps to cure the problems caused by cancer treatments. Pineapple juice solves the urinary tract infections with its diuretic property. Health benefits of pineapple

  • Digestion

Pineapple is a rich source of fiber, which is helpful for many health problems. Especially it aids for the digestion of food and gives you a feel of tummy fullness.

  • Macular degeneration

As we age our retina tends to become damaged, it leads for the loss of vision and makes a person unable to read and recognize the things properly.
To restrict this problem drink pine apple juice every day, the vitamin beta-carotene is good for the eye sight and thus helps in preventing the macular degeneration. Health benefits of pineapple

  • Reduces pain in the menstrual period

The juice extracted from pineapple relieves the pain during menstruation. Apart from it, the antioxidants present in the pineapple neutralizes the free radical molecules which are responsible for the cell damage.
Antioxidants also works effective in treating the heart attack and stroke. Health benefits of pineapple

  • Treats general problems

Yet another advantage of drinking pine apple juice includes: Prevention of general problems like sore throat, gout, sinusitis and swellings. These are all sorted out by the enzyme Bromelain.

  • Treats muscle cramps

Pineapple with its high potassium amount contributes in treating the muscle cramps and soreness by maintaining the proper electrolyte balance. 
This mineral also helps for the digestion and proper functioning of the kidneys.

  • Helps in pregnancy

Studies have been shown that pineapple consists of a vitamin folic acid that is necessary for the healthy pregnancy. 
According to a recent study, folic acid prevents the brain defects in the unborn baby.

  • Reduces inflammation

The enzyme Bromelain present in the fresh pineapple juice not just helps for the boost up of immune system but also serves great in reducing the inflammation through its anti-inflammatory property. When the inflammation is reduced in the body, the symptoms of arthritis, gout and carpal tunnel will also be reduced. Health benefits of pineapple

  • Best way to promote your oral health

A woman’s beauty lies in her smile. And, if you are worried about your yellow teeth it is time to take serious action. Adding pineapple juice to your daily diet will take care of your oral health. 
The presence of Vitamin C in high concentration will help to make your teeth strong and healthy. You will also have better gums. Health benefits of pineapple

So, devour pineapple within the form of portions or juice to reap the listed blessings however make sure you are not taking extra than the mild amounts.

Health benefits of pineapple

Pineapple benefits weight loss

Some claim that pineapple can speed up your metabolism and boost fat loss. 
While there's nothing wrong with including pineapple in your weight-loss diet, this claim is overstated, and you need to be careful not to consume so much pineapple that you overshoot your daily calorie allowance. Health benefits of pineapple

  • Cracking Down on Calories

While fruit is generally considered a healthier alternative to processed sugary foods, pineapple is still relatively high in sugar and calories, especially compared to other fruits. A 1-cup serving of pineapple contains around 82 calories.
It also has just over 16 grams of sugar and around 2 grams of fiber. A cup of strawberries, on the other hand, has 49 calories, 7 grams of sugar and 3 grams of fiber, while 1 cup of raspberries has 64 calories, 5 grams of sugar and 8 grams of fiber. Health benefits of pineapple

  • Breaking Down Bromelain

Bromelain is found in the stem of pineapple and is also referred to as pineapple enzyme and pineapple extract.
The job of enzymes is to break down certain compounds in food, which is where the notion that pineapple breaks down fat may have originated. Bromelain's role, however, is actually to break down protein. This aids digestion, but it won't directly benefit fat burning or weight loss.

  • Pineapple and Metabolism

Sports medicine specialist Dr. Dan Hamner claims that bromelain is a compound contained in pineapple,speeds up the digestion process, leading to a metabolism boost.
Dietitian Sandra Mikhail disagrees, however, stating that individual foods do not lead to any significant increase in metabolic rate. Even if they do provide a short-term boost, this doesn't have any effect long term.

In conclusion 

you can surely consist of pineapple on your weightloss and get consequences, but you do want to make certain you live inside your calorie limits. despite the fact that pineapple is nutritious, it's miles greater calorically dense and has a worse sugar-to-fiber ratio than other culmination, so purpose to eat a diffusion of different culmination and greens as a part of a wholesome weight reduction. Health benefits of pineapple
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