Calories in Strawberries,Carbs & Benefits

Strawberry is fantastically sweet, aromatic, fiber-wealthy fruit packed with vitamins and antioxidants and strawberry benefits are also awesome, There are 103 awesome species and subspecies of strawberry flowers,Calories in Strawberries, the height season for strawberries is generally April through June, but commonly speaking, you could get strawberries year round. you could also purchase them frozen.

Calories in Strawberries

How many calories in strawberries

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1/2 cup of sliced strawberries is a serving, and each serving has just 25 calories, none of which come from fat.
If you eat 2,000 calories each day, one serving of strawberries is just over 1 percent of your day's caloric total.
Whether dipped into melted chocolate, baked into a pie, sliced onto cold cereal or eaten straight out of the pint, strawberries are a low-calorie source of essential nutrients. They're particularly rich in vitamin C.

  • Carbohydrate, Fiber and Protein

Each serving of strawberries contains 6 g of carbohydrate, 4 g of which are from sugars. The remaining 2 g come from dietary fiber. 
A serving of strawberries gives you 7 percent of your recommended daily value of fiber. It also contains 1 g of protein.

  • Vitamin C and Potassium

Each 1/2 cup of strawberries gives you 80 percent of your recommended daily value of vitamin C. 
Strawberries are also a good source of potassium, with 127 mg in each 1/2 cup, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Nutrient Database.

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Calories in Strawberries

 Carbs in strawberries

Strawberries are a voluminous fruit, containing few calories and carbohydrate in a large portion. 
One cup of strawberries contains only 49 calories and provides 3 grams of fiber and only 12 grams of carbohydrate, resulting in 9 grams of net carbs. 
Strawberries have more insoluble fiber than soluble fiber.

Strawberries have a low glycemic index of 40. 
The glycemic index of a food is an indication of how much and how fast a food raises your blood sugar. 
They also have a low glycemic load of 1.5, which takes into account the serving size. 
These indicators show strawberries should have little effect on your blood glucose or insulin response. Calories in strawberries

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Calories in Strawberries

 Strawberry nutrition

The heart-shaped silhouette of the strawberry is the first clue that this fruit is good for you. 
These potent little packages protect your heart, increase HDL (good) cholesterol, lower your blood pressure, and guard against cancer.

Packed with vitamins, fiber, and particularly high levels of antioxidants known as polyphenols. Calories in Strawberries
Strawberries are a sodium-free, fat-free, cholesterol-free, low-calorie food. 
They are among the top 20 fruits in antioxidant capacity and are a good source of manganese and potassium. 
Just one serving, about eight strawberries, provides more vitamin C than an orange.

This member of the rose family isn’t really a fruit or a berry but the enlarged receptacle of the flower.
Choose medium-sized berries that are firm, plump, and deep red; once picked, they don’t ripen further. 
Strawberries are now the most popular berry fruit in the world. Calories in Strawberries
In provincial France, they were regarded as an aphrodisiac, These red gems may be good for your heart in more ways than one.

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Calories in Strawberries

Strawberry nutrition facts

The table below contains information on all the main nutrients in strawberries.

Strawberry nutrition facts: Strawberries, raw - 100 grams


Calories                                                                                        32

Water                                                                                         91 %

Protein                                                                                        0.7 g

Carbs                                                                                          7.7 g

Sugar                                                                                          4.9 g

Fiber                                                                                              2 g

Fat                                                                                              0.3 g

Saturated                                                                                  0.02 g

Monounsaturated                                                                     0.04 g

Polyunsaturated                                                                       0.16 g

Omega-3                                                                                  0.07 g

Omega-6                                                                                  0.09 g

Trans fat                                                                                          ~

Vitamins and Minerals

The most abundant vitamins and minerals in strawberries are listed below.

Vitamin C

Strawberries are an excellent source of vitamin C, an antioxidant that is important for the immune system and skin health.


 Frequently found in high amounts in whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables, this trace element is important for many processes in the body.

Folate (B9)

One of the B-vitamins, important for normal tissue growth and cell function. Folate is particularly important for pregnant women and the elderl.


A mineral that is involved in many essential body functions, such as regulating blood pressure.

To a lesser extent, strawberries also contain iron, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin B6, vitamin K and vitamin E. Calories in Strawberries

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Calories in Strawberries

Strawberry benefits

  • Protect The Heart

The abundance of antioxidants and polyphenols in strawberries make them the ideal food to protect your heart from ailments.
Strawberries contain anthocyanins (the antioxidants responsible for their red hue), which protect the lining of the circulatory system, thereby shielding the arteries from plaque build-up and regulating the blood pressure.

Women who consumed three or more servings of berries (especially strawberries) every week had reduced their risk of heart attack by a third.

  • Help Fight Cancer

Strawberries are exceptionally good sources of vitamin C and fiber, both of which have been found to protect from cancers of the esophagus and colon.
The anticancer properties of strawberries, according to the American Institute for Cancer Research, can be attributed to the presence of ellagic acid – a phytochemical that can prevent cancers of the skin, lung, bladder, and breast .

Ellagic acid acts as an anticancer agent in several ways.
it acts as an antioxidant.
Slows down the production of cancer cells.
Helps the body destroy certain types of carcinogens.
  • Regulate Blood Pressure

As already mentioned, strawberries contain anthocyanins, which are powerful antioxidants that relax the lining of the blood vessels and open them up, thereby lowering blood pressure.

Strawberries are also rich in potassium, a nutrient that helps control blood pressure.
  • Improve Brain Health

The credit goes to the antioxidants, again. Strawberries, with their high content of antioxidants, protect the brain cells from damage due to free radicals. 
They also change the way the neurons in the brain communicate with each other .
This ultimately leads to improved brain health.

A study conducted by Harvard researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital has revealed that intake of strawberries can delay memory decline in older women over time 
This benefit can be attributed to the presence of flavonoids in strawberries. 
Also, it was found that an increased intake of anthocyanidins helped in slowing down memory decline.

A majority of brain diseases (including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s) are caused due to an increase in the amount of a particular toxic protein. 
But the consumption of strawberries has been found to promote the brain’s natural housekeeping mechanism (also called autophagy), thereby reducing the accumulation of this protein.
  • Fight Inflammation

Strawberries contain quercetin, and intake of quercetin, along with regular exercise, can reduce atherosclerosis plaque formation.

Strawberries are also rich in vitamin C, which plays a major role in preventing inflammation.
This vitamin also plays a role in easing the symptoms of arthritis and gout.

It has been found that high levels of C-reactive protein (or CRP) can signal increasing levels of inflammation in the body. 
According to researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health, women who consumed 16 or more strawberries every week were 14 percent less likely to have elevated levels of this protein.
Calories in Strawberries
  • Aid Weight Loss

The ellagic acid and antioxidants are what play a major role in making strawberries ideal for losing weight.

Chronic inflammation is one of the causes of weight gain since it blocks the hormones that make you lean. 
Strawberry, being an amazing anti-inflammatory food, restores the functionalities of weight-reducing hormones.

In addition, anthocyanins, the master antioxidants, increase the body’s production of a hormone called adiponectin. 
This hormone promotes metabolism and suppresses your appetite. 
It might also induce fat burn.
Calories in Strawberries

  • Support Healthy Pregnancy

Strawberries are a rich source of folate.
You get about 40 micrograms of folate from one cup of raw strawberries. 
This is about 10 percent of the recommended daily intake. 
According to research, folate is important during pregnancy as it can prevent neural tube defects. 
It is also important for the mother’s health.

  • Improve Bone Health

Though we don’t have much research on this, the vitamin K, potassium, and manganese in strawberries might improve bone health to a certain extent.

  • Help Treat Constipation

Given that strawberries are rich in fiber, they can help treat constipation. 
The fiber in the fruit can also relieve other digestive issues like gas and bloating.

  • Treat Puffy Eyes

Strawberries contain amazing astringent properties that help treat puffy eyes.
They also contain alpha hydroxy acid, which makes the skin look smooth and young.

You just need a couple of strawberries for this purpose.  Calories in Strawberries
Refrigerate them for about 30 minutes, after that, remove their tops and cut them into thick slices. 
Place the slices over your face and leave them on for about 15 minutes. 
Remove them and wash your face with cold water, you can do this every night before going to bed.

  • Keep Teeth Healthy

Strawberries contain malic acid, which acts as an astringent and removes tooth discoloration.
This means you can use this fruit to whiten your teeth. 
You simply can crush the strawberry to a pulp and mix with baking soda until you obtain a smooth blend. 
Using a soft toothbrush, spread the mixture on your teeth ad leave it on for 5 minutes, brush thoroughly with toothpaste and then rinse.

Don’t overdo it, though – as the acid in the fruit might damage your enamel.

  • Improve Vision Health

Strawberries are loaded with antioxidants that were found to prevent cataract, macular degeneration, and other eye diseases.

According to the researchers from the Oregon Health & Science University, vitamin C can increase the functioning and life of the retinal cells.
Calories in Strawberries

  • Fight Cholesterol

Strawberries are known to contain pectin, which is a type of soluble fiber that lowers the levels of LDL (bad cholesterol) in the body.

According to a New Orleans study, several types of soluble fiber, including pectin, have shown to lower the levels of LDL.

As per an analysis carried out together by Italian and Spanish scientists, a team of 23 healthy volunteers that had consumed 500 grams of strawberries regularly for a month saw a decrease in the LDL levels.

Another Canadian study showed the efficacy of strawberries in reducing oxidative damage and bad cholesterol. Calories in strawberries

Strawberry benefits for weight loss

If you happen to be on a weight loss diet, strawberries may prove to be rather impactful too. 
Here are the reasons why strawberries should be part of your weight loss diet.

  • High on fibres
A bowlful of strawberries may prove very instrumental in sheddingbelly fat.
The rich quantum of fibre present in strawberries helps in assisting weight loss. 
Fibre induces satiety, which makes you feel full for long. 
If you are full, you will consume less fattening foods. 
You can use them to top your cereals or even blend them in smoothies.

  • Anthocyanins boost

Anthocyanins are water-soluble pigments that are packed with a range of health benefits. 
Strawberries are rich in aanthocyanins, which helps boost the body's production of a hormone called adiponectin. 
This hormone further helps in boosting metabolism and aids weight loss.
  • Boosts digestion
A healthy digestion plays a crucial role in weight loss. 
Poor digestion can lead to weight gain, as we are not able to absorb and assimilate our nutrients properly. 
Moreover, it may not be able to eliminate waste from our body efficiently either. 
This may lead to slowing down of the metabolic rate, which makes it more difficult to burn calories properly.

  • Rich in ellagic acid
Ellagic acid is a dimeric derivative of gallic acid which is found abundantly in strawberries. 
It helps fight inflammation and restores normal functioning of weight reducing hormones which are often blocked due to chronic inflammation.

  • Low calorie
100 grams of strawberries include 33 calories. Yes, that's it. If you are on a weight reduction diet, you need to save up on the calories you take.

Strawberry benefits for skin

  • Excellent Skin Cleanser

One of the most significant beauty benefits of strawberries for our skin is that it possess excellent cleansing properties and because of this reason. 
The strawberry extract is often used as an ingredient in various cosmetic products like skin cleansers, face washes, refreshing bubble baths and face masks for skin rejuvenation.

The main reason behind the cleansing properties of strawberry is the presence of vitamin C, salicylic acid, antioxidants and exfoliants in it. 
Salicylic acid effectively removes dead skin cells from our face and at the same time tightens our pores.
Ellagic acid is antioxidantal in nature and thus, help in combating skin damage by preventing our skin from free radical damage, and thus maintains the youth and freshness of our skin. 
Strawberries are very effective in removing impurities from the skin and make our skin soft and smooth. Calories in strawberries

  • Provides Relief From Dark Circles And Under Eye Puffiness

Strawberries are astringent in nature which means they can effectively reduce dark circles and under-eye puffiness. 
For diminishing under eye puffiness, cut some thin slices of strawberry and put these slices under your eyes. 
Leave them for 10 to 15 minutes, and then wash your face with cold water and gently apply some moisturizer. 
Make sure that you are lying at a cool and shaded place as it will help in providing relaxation to your eye muscles.
Calories in Strawberries

  • Improves Skin Complexion

Strawberries are a good source of antioxidants that fights with the free radicals of our body and prevents them from doing damage to our skin cells. 
By doing so, it does not minimize dark spots, age spots, wrinkles, freckles and other signs of aging but at the same time, it helps in lightening the complexion of our skin. 
Consuming strawberry or strawberry juice is useful for the same. However, alternatively, we can also apply the strawberry juice on our skin to achieve results.

For improving skin complexion, squeeze some strawberries and extract their juice. 
Place it in a small cup, now, use a cotton ball and apply the juice all over your face and then rinse off your face with lukewarm water after 10-15 minutes. 
Regular use will help in getting a glowing skin and signs of aging like wrinkles, and fine lines will also get diminished.
  • Provides Anti-Ageing Benefits

There is nothing we can do about the aging process. However, we can control the premature aging. 
Premature aging is the process in which our body starts showing the signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, freckles, etc. before the old age. 
The main culprit behind premature aging is the presence of free radicals in our body. Calories in Strawberries
Free radicals are nothing but the unstabilized ions that get formed during the oxidation of food ( transformation of food into energy). 
As these are unstabilized ions, so they keep roaming in our body and accelerate the aging process and give rise to wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, dark spots, blemishes etc.

Strawberries are very useful for minimizing fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, age spots and other signs of ageing and thus provides relief from premature ageing. 
This benefit of strawberry is mainly due to the presence of antioxidants like vitamin C, and antioxidant substance like Ellagic acid in it. 
These antioxidants fights with the free radicals of our body stabilizes the unstabilized ions and thus prevents them from doing damage to our body cells. 
Regular consumption of strawberry or strawberry juice is useful for treating premature ageing.

Alternatively, one can also use strawberry topically to achieve the same results. 
For this, mix one teaspoon of honey, two teaspoons of milk cream and mashed strawberries together to form a face pack. Now, apply this face pack on your face and neck and wash off with clean water after 20 minutes. 
Regular use will help in minimizing fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of ageing, and will also make your skin soft and young. Calories in Strawberries

  • Excellent Skin Toner

To use strawberry as a skin toner, grind some strawberries and extract their juice.
Now, mix two teaspoons of strawberry juice with 50 ml of rose water and refrigerate it.
Now, these strawberry-rosewater ice cubes can be applied on the skin to get a wrinkle free, blemish free and younger looking skin.

  • Protects Us From The Harmful UV Rays Of Sun

Strawberry is very effective for protecting us from the harmful UV rays of the sun because of the presence of antioxidants like vitamin C, ellagic acid etc. present in it.
When sunlight hit our body then these antioxidants move upward and forms a kind of a protective layer around us, and thus protects us from the harmful rays of the sun (source).
Harmful UV rays of the sun can also cause free radical damage and increase the risk of development of various types of cancers.
Antioxidants present in strawberries are fights with the free radicals of our body,stabilizes them and thus prevents them from doing damage to our skin.
These are also effective in keeping our skin young and glowing by minimizing wrinkles,fine lines, dark spots, age spots and other signs of ageing.

Calories in Strawberries

  • Treats Acne

Acne is a common skin problem that affects millions of people all over the world.
Acne can be caused many factors, but the most common factor is the clogging of our skin pores by dirt, impurities, pollution, excessive oil, etc. 
As skin impurities don’t find a way to come out ( because of the clogging of skin pores), so it gives rise to pimples. Etc. 
Although there is no permanent cure for acne it can be treated. Strawberry is an excellent fruit that is useful for the treatment of acne.

Strawberry is a great source of Vitamin C, Alpha Hydroxy Acids( AHAs), salicylic acid, flavonoids, etc.
And presence of these compounds helps in clearing acne from our skin and also controls excessive oil. 
Strawberry is a used as an ingredient in many commercial acne treatment products and moisturizers. 
To use strawberry for acne treatment, mash 7 to 8 strawberries and add one tablespoon of milk to it. 
Apply this mixture on your face and rinse its water after 10 to 15 minutes. 
To get rid of acne naturally, use this treatment at least twice in a week.

  • Treats Pigmentation

Strawberry contains ellagic acid, which is an antioxidant that fights with the free radicals our body and also protects us from the harmful UV rays of the sun.
It has been found that it is also useful for curing light hyperpigmentation.
Hyperpigmentation is a condition in which the UV rays of the sun inhibits the synthesis of melanin ( the chemical responsible for giving natural skin color to our skin ).

  • Repairs Skin Tissues

Consuming strawberry on a regular basis is very effective for repairing our skin tissues because of the presence of vitamin C in it.
Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps in the synthesis of collagen in our body.

Collagen is an essential protein that is required for our skin and other parts of our body for growth and development, also helps in the quick healing of wounds.
Vitamin C is effective not only for repairing skin tissues but also for protecting skin tissues from damage. Calories in Strawberries
It fights with the free radicals of our body, stabilizes them and prevents them from doing damage to our skin.
  • Effective Foot Scrub

Strawbery can be used as a foot scrub and is very effective for making our feet soft and crack free.
To get rid of cracked feet, mash 6 to 8 strawberries and mix them with few drops of glycerin and grounded oats.
Now, soak your feet in warm water for 10 minutes and then take them out, and gently scrub using the mixture formed. 
It will help in removing dead skin cells from your heal and will make your feet soft and free from cracks.

  •  Prevents Our Lips From Being Dull And Dry

Strawberry is a good source of numbers of vital nutrients like minerals and vitamins, and the presence of these nutrients helps in the treatment of dark lips.
The exfoliating nature of strawberry helps in removing dead skin cells from our lips and thus prevents them from being dry and dull.
Strawberry are also a good source of water which helps in keeping our lips hydrated and thus prevents them from being dry.

For using strawberry for lip care, mash one strawberry and gently rub the flesh of the mashed strawberry on your lips for few minutes. 
Leave it for 5 minutes, and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. For better result, use it few times a week. 
Alternatively, you can also prepare a mixture of one tablespoon of strawberry juice and two tablespoons of petroleum jelly together, and store it in a refrigerator. 
This refrigerated mixture can be used as lip balm two to three times a day.

  • Whitens Teeth

Strawberries are also effective for keeping our teeth healthy.
They are a natural teeth cleansing agent and helps in keeping our teeth white.
This teeth whitening benefit of strawberry is mainly due to the presence of vitamin C in it.
Vitamin C helps in breaking down plaque from our skin and make it easier for it to get removed from our teeth.
Plague can make our teeth look yellow, but vitamins C prevents it from doing the same.

In addition to this, Strawberry also contains malic acid which helps in transforming teeth from dirty yellow to pearly white.
To use strawberry for teeth whitening, grind one to two strawberries to form a paste. Run it on your teeth for few minutes and then rinse off your mouth with warm water.
For visible results, do this activity two times a day for four weeks. Alternatively, you can also rub a half strawberry back and forth on your teeth and then rinse off with warm water after a minute.
  •  Keep Our Nails Healthy And Strong

Strawberries are very efficient for making our nails stronger because of the presence of important compound Biotin in it.
Biotin improves the formation of Keratin, which improves nail growth. In addition to this, the presence of Vitamin C and Folic acid in strawberries also helps in growth of healthy nails. Calories in Strawberries
So, if your nails are weak and are more prone to damage, then you should start enjoying strawberries in your diet

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Calories in Strawberries

Benefits of strawberry for hair

  • Prevents Hair Thinning And Hair Loss

Regular consumption of strawberries is very beneficial for our hair as it protects our hair from thinning or falling and is also effective in delaying Androgenetic Alopecia. 
Androgenetic Alopecia is a very typical male pattern hair loss that affects millions of people all over the world. Calories in Strawberries

There’s no cure for it, but it can be treated. Strawberries are helpful in treating Androgenetic Alopecia and improves hair thinning and hair falling problem because of the presence of Ellagic acid, Folic acid and B vitamins like Vitamin B5 and Vitamin B6 in it. Calories in Strawberries 

  •  Make Our Hair Silky And Shiny

Strawberries are very efficient for making our hair soft and shiny.
For this, mash 7 to 8 ripe strawberries and add one tablespoon of mayonnaise in it. Mix them together to form a smooth paste.
Now, apply this paste all over your hair and scalp, and cover it with a shower for at least 15 to 20 minutes.
Rinse off your hair and shampoo them. It will make our hair silky and shiny, and will also provide nourishment to our hair.
  • Prevents Fungal Growth

Strawberries are antifungal in nature and thus prevents fungal growth. 
This benefit of strawberry is due to the presence of important minerals like copper, manganese, and magnesium in it. 
Manganese and copper combine with dicarboxylic acid and thus inhibits fungal growth on the scalp. Calories in Strawberries
Calories in Strawberries
  • Keep Our Hair Moisturized

Strawberries are very effective for keeping our hair properly moisturized for providing nourishment to them. 
The antioxidants present in strawberries protects the cell membranes of our scalp from the formation of hydrophobic layer ( which insulates the scalp from water content). 
To keep your hair moisturized, mash some strawberries and add the egg yolk to it. 
Now, mix them together and apply it on your scalp for few minutes, and then rinse off with water.

  • Fights Dandruff

Strawberries are also effective for the treatment of dandruff. For this purpose, strawberries can be mixed with tea tree oil or thyme oil and applied all over the scalp.

This help, not in fighting dandruff but will also prevent your scalp from being rough and dry. For better result, continue the therapy for a considerable time. Calories in Strawberries
  • Can Be Used As Scalp Exfoliator

Strawberry is a wonderful exfoliating agent which means it is very effective for removing dead skin cells from our skin. 

To use strawberry for hair exfoliator, prepare a mixture of strawberry and yogurt or orange juice together and apply it on your scalp.
This will help in proper exfoliation of your hair follicles and will provide a lot of benefits like removing dead skin cells, treating acne,white head and blemishes that can occur on the scalp, prevents hair loss, provides relief from itchy scalp, promotes hair growth. Calories in strawberries

In conclusion

Strawberries make for an excellent nighttime snack.they're extraordinarily healthful and may offer with an excellent dose of various important vitamins and minerals required by means of our frame. you could eat them raw or blend them in smoothies.
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